Food Store and Production Manager

Great news… we are in pursuit of a cracking store and team manager to lead the food direct crew… and we are bloody delighted to be offering it!
We are a small team with big plans and we need someone to come on board and help navigate our moves and contribute to our big gutsy growth.

What we do:

The work we do matters…a lot.
We are a small business providing food and hospitality to people, we are the purveyors of good times and great food. We are on the go to build a bigger game and a great business but without sacrificing our lives. We have a strong healthy work culture and want to add value back to society in a way that makes our community a better place. Our company is growing upwards and outwards and we need to keep the momentum going – that’s where you come in.

Working with us:

We are a small team based in Wangaratta and we are about to be a hotel and food store in Stanley. We offer catering for events, take home meals and a hotel bistro experience.
We take our food seriously but definitely don’t take ourselves too seriously. We look after each other and what it takes to get the job done. We all have other interests and understand the value of balance.
We invest in ourselves. One of core values is responsibility. We believe we are the creators of our own results (all of them… not just the good ones) so we work ourselves to become better and become more. This is a non-negotiable.
While we work to a plan, we are far from perfect. We (meaning I) often take on too much and have been known to change focus too often. These are constraints we are aware of and are committed to working on. Be prepared.

Who are you:

  • You are passionate about customer service and truly enjoy people.
  • You are aware of purchasing and stock control and love sticking to a budget.
  • You genuinely enjoy food and knowing where your food comes from.
  • You are organised and can schedule time and people accordingly..
  • You love a well stocked, clean and “vibey” shop floor.
  • You are good at multi -tasking and enjoy being creative.
  • You love overseeing logistics.
  • You enjoy being a part of a team and have great stamina.

What’s next:
We are excited to be offering this position as we are replacing a true gem…we are really looking for someone to add their special sparkle on our already amazing team.
Please email us with your resume and a note about why this job is made for you.

Email Sally at
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